A Brief History

EAR Records® - Trademark Logo & Slogan - Jazz & Alternative Music
EAR Records® – Trademark, Logo & Slogan: ‘Jazz & Alternative Music’

EAR Records® was established in 1992 with the first publication of John Umana’s ‘The Passing Strange’. Bill Ohashi desired primarily a jazz label and successfully launched his first CD album publication, ‘Flamingo’ by Evans/Coppola Jazz Duo, which is no longer in print.

Web Presence

EAR Records created a web presence in 1992 with the domain EARRecords.Co.UK because EARRecords.Com was not yet available for registration in the United State. In 1996 EARRecords.Com finally became available for registration and EAR Records® purchased the domain.

Building Anew

Due to extenuating circumstances, registration of EARRecords.Com was lost and auctioned. Since then the .Com domain has been held for ransom, currently it is being offered to us for over $4,500 USD ! Unwilling to pay the ransom, we purchased and are reestablishing our web presence with the domains EARRecords.Net™ and EARRecords.Org™.

UPDATE: EAR Records® successfully regained EARRecords.Com™ !

Your Aide

Please inform us if you find any links or sites referencing the original domain of EARRecords.Com so we may inform them of our new domains.

We look forward to getting back to spending our time delivering new music for our fans and the public while we rebuild our web presence.

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Thank you for your decades of support!
Bill Ohashi