Ampullae of Lorenzini©

EAR Records™ 2nd release, this collection of mainstream jazz will have you tapping and dancing in your seat. All first takes, the ‘Bridge Neo-Bop Sextet’ features New York City’s finest musicians recorded in 1995.

Sparkling improvisations and emotive solos are featured in this tune packed CD release. The concept Ampullae of Lorenzini© is in the style of the post-bop traditionalist jazz sextet.

Bill Ohashi has assembled a steller group featuring Harris Simon, David Schnitter, Richard Vitale, George Kay, Mike Clark, Drori Mondlak, Lynn Seaton, and, of course, Bill Ohashi.

EAR Records™ offers Ampullae of Lorenzini© in physical or digital format, and currently, is offering individual digital tracks for purchase.

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